Kick City Sports Park is all about creating a better experience for our players and fans! Staring in the Winter Season we will be recording all the games and replaying them afterwards in the pub for the teams to watch. It is a new system called MY Replay Live and we are very excited about the new level of customer service that we are able to offer our players. We will also be using the videos as teaching tools for the referees and our staff to help improve foul recognition and game management. You can also download the games and watch them at home with your friends! My Replay Live

In order to start the process all players will need to sign a new liability waiver prior to the season starting with a new photo release on it.

Minors 17 and under will need a form signed by their legal guardian or parent. Must be done prior to your first game of the season, you can even do it today!!!!

If you have not signed the new form you cannot get added to the roster! Please come in at any point before your game to sign the new form!!

You will not receive game reminders until you have been added to the team.


More Information on My Replay Live

The only FREE Replay is in the pub. On-Line it will cost one dollar, or 100 credits to stream a video for 48 hours. It will cost an additional four dollars, or 400 credits to download and keep a full video from

Patrons can create replays for FREE online AND all members can view REPLAYS FOR FREE, under the Replay Tab after creating an account.

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