How To Register A Team:

  1. Team managers must fill out a manager consent form and turn it in with the deposit.
  2. Teams may register with a $150.00 deposit for the main field and $100 for the micro field. Your team will not be scheduled unless the deposit has been received by the deadline.
  3. Full payment is required by the second game. Teams not paid in full will not be allowed onto the field until full payment has been received.

How to Register as an Individual:

  1. Individuals must fill out a liability form in order to register for a house team.
  2. Full payment of the registration fee is required for individual registration.

Early Bird Special & Late Registrations:

  1. Teams paying IN FULL by the early registration deadline will receive a $50 discount off their team fee.
  2. Teams signing up after the registration deadline will pay a $75 late fee and will not be guaranteed placement.

General Registration Information:

  1. We offer all leagues every season, some of them will not go due to lack of team sign-ups. When signing up please select your first choice and your second choice on your consent form.
  2. Games will be played on the days listed next to the league name. Alternate days will be used as necessary.
  3. A team may list one scheduling conflict on their registration form when signing up. Examples: cannot play Thursday 5-8pm due to school or cannot play Sunday mornings due to church. We have reached a point that we can no longer accommodate all of the requests that we were receiving and were unable to provide the level of customer service that we wanted to all of our teams. This way teams can state when they cannot play due to other conflicts and why.
  4. All weekday games are between 6:15PM – 10:35PM Start Times.
    All weekend games are between 7AM – 12:05AM Start Times.
  5. In the competitive and premier divisions the two top teams will play an championship game. If there are two leagues in the same division the top team from each league will play watch other for the championship.

Some Rules and Policies:

(Complete rules and policies can be found under forms.)

  1. Games will be rescheduled only as available. Requests must be made at least 7 days prior to game day and be accompanied by a $20 deposit. We do not reschedule playoff games.
  2. Shin guards are required and must be covered by socks.
  3. Only indoor soccer and turf shoes are allowed.
  4. A player cannot play on two teams in the same division.
  5. Current KC membership is required for check-in before the game. Members without a membership may purchase one for $25
  6. All teams must wear white shirts if they are home and the same dark color if they are the visiting team, no tie dye or camo.
  7. All teams must be on the roster prior to their first game
  8. All teams must be ready to play upon entering the field. Referees will begin check-in immediately.

Age Limits

  • Recreational Leagues – 13 years old
  • Intermediate Leagues – 14 years old
  • Competitive Leagues – 15 years old
  • Premier Leagues – 16 years old
  • Over 30 Leagues – 30 years old
  • Over 35 Leagues – 35 years old

To Withdraw From A League:

  1. If a team must withdraw from the league for their own reasons or if they are suspended for violating KC rules and/or policies, the league fee will not be refunded and they will be held responsible for all remaining payments.
  2. Once the schedules have been posted teams will no longer be allowed to withdraw from the league without being held responsible for the full payment amount. If they have paid in full there will be no refund given.
  3. Once the schedules have been posted no individuals may withdraw from the house teams. If you choose to withdraw prior to the schedules being posted a refund will be issued.

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